Short ride, long post

No apologies, your slow connection isn't my fault. But there are LOTS of photos in this post. How often do you get a first sledding event? Trinity's grandma and granddad got her a sled for Christmas and Saturday was the day to try it out! We bundled her up and buckled her in and took for for a ride around the yard. Boy did she have fun!

So here we are loading up and strapping in for the ride. Trinity sure seems to like the snow already. She was constantly reaching for it to see what the heck it was.

Love at first pull, the smile says it all...

Ooh, let's try a hill and see how much fun THAT is...

It looks like we have a winner here, she loves it!

More sledding happiness!

Faster mom, faster!

Okay, so the dad in me wants to take things a little further than necessary, but what the heck, she IS buckled in!

Looks like this one's a winner too! Is there anything she won't do? Haven't found it yet!

This is the winter version of...TOUCHDOWN!

It also qualifies as the random cuteness of the the day...


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