A bit of random jibber

A kind lady I know asked what I do for a living. When I told her that I am in information technology, she said that she thought I would be in a job that was highly organized. Boy if she only knew! It was a kind thing to say, so I won't linger too long on the subject, but I am almost as random as you get. Speaking of which, here are a few random pictures.

Here is Trinity with her granddad, showing off her little pigtail, or ponytail, or whatever. I'm the dad, hair terminology will always escape me. Her daycare provider did this. I don't know how, since Trinity never really sits still. She didn't sit still when we took it out either, poor girl.

Here is another picture that really shouldn't be public. Trinity and I will both regret having this picture posted on the internet. I look like an idiot and she's naked. So there you go.

Unca Chris came over to drop a few things off, so he was kind enough to pose for a few pictures. Trinity is so lucky to have such a great extended family!

I can't remember if this is the SF Giants hat or the Life is Good hat, but she finally fits into it! We've been trying it on her for months, waiting for her head to grow. Well, there you go; her head grew.


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