Day Six and...450?

Autumn called again this evening, through an internet deal that lets you make free calls. I guess it's like Skype or something. Either way, it was really nice to hear her voice and tell her that I love her. The team in Honduras saw 450 patients today. That's a lot. Trinity and I did a couple of laps today with her lion. We walked all the way around the kitchen, down the hall and past the bedrooms. I did a little steering, but no pushing or stopping necessary, Trinity was in control! She was sliding around in her pajamas, but wasn't deterred from her mission. It is so much fun to watch her do this. I know it means that she'll be even harder to keep up with, but who cares? Watching her grow and develop is such gift. I didn't get any pictures this evening because I had a thing to go to and Autumn's mom came over to watch her. But here's one from the great send off, right before the team left for Honduras.

It's a good picture of my girls


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