And They're Off!

I suppose that it's a bit like a race; the team to Honduras is on their way to Seattle as we speak. Trinity and I went over at noon to see them off. We took this shot of the team. Of course the baby isn't going. But the rest of them are off to Honduras. I just got off the phone with my wife (I miss her already) and they are waiting to leave Seattle. It is 8:04pm here.

It was harder to watch Autumn leave this time for some reason. I assume it is because she is pregnant, so I worry a little more. I don't usually worry too much, but this is a different situation. But I know that God has a plan for this team and I am excited to see what happens while they are down there. Meanwhile, Trinity is already asleep after a yummy dinner of beef stew and canned peas. Okay, so one out of two isn't bad...

Go Team!


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