The Honduras Experiment

So this is going to be an experiment. There are no pictures this post because I am just going to lay the groundwork for this coming week. Autumn is going on a medical mission to Honduras with ten other people from Baker City. Trinity and I are going to stay home and man the storefront. Autumn is going to miss Trinity terribly. I am sure that she'll miss me too, but not quite the same way. In order to keep Autumn up to date and give her a Trinity fix, I am going to post a blog update of the day's activities so that Autumn won't feel like she is missing as much. The team is bringing a little netbook, so they can check email and the like, so as long as there is cell service, Autumn should be able to check in on her little girl. The posts may not be nearly so interesting as our normal ones, but I suppose that's part of the experiment as well.

This will be an experiment in sharing the mundane of our lives with all of you. I hope that any time you spend sharing life with us is time well spent. I will start tomorrow night with a short post and one (1) picture. I am keeping the posts short so that it will not cost very much to view. You see, the it will cost $.02 per kilobyte to use the internet while in Honduras. It will be a small photo. So here's to experiments and sharing our lives...cheers!


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