Day Three, Happy Birthday to Me!

So today is my 36th birthday. I usually forget, which is why I am so grateful that Autumn's family is good about celebrating birthdays. They help me remember. It was a laid back day involving naps (not mine), church, watching an entire football game and hanging out with friends and family. Not necessarily in that order. Also, Trinity went to her first American Girl party. I am still not sure what that is exactly, but I am told that Trinity enjoyed herself and all the 11 year old girls were fighting to see who got to change Trinity's diaper. Weird. But thank you Pointer ladies for taking care of my little lady for a few hours.

My biggest present was Autumn calling me from Honduras! She is doing good and it was great to hear her voice. We didn't talk long, but it was a nice surprise, since we have mainly been exchanging text messages. Meanwhile here at the homestead, Trinity is asleep and I am soon to follow. Today's picture is pretty self explanatory. Also, she has been very clingy lately. It's nice to have the cuddles, or huggles, but I am not used to it anymore and I wonder if it is a phase or if she just misses her mommy.


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