Hopeful, But Cautious

The Obama administration is going to have to earn my trust. I have placed my trust, and my future to some extent, in the hands of another politician and his advisers. I hope that he will act in the manner that he has promised. I am not worried about past associations, if they are in the past. I am not worried about my guns. If the government comes to collect them on January 1, then I was wrong. Very wrong. But I am hopeful that we can see a more whole nation, even though this election has divided us more than ever. I am hopeful that we can have dialog instead of shouting matches. I had one just the other day with my dad. It was the first time we've talked about politics. He's talked about them, but it never came across as a discussion so much as pontification. But we discussed and it was good. I hope for more of this. With that in mind, check this out:


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