I Bought It Too

I like to think of myself as an intelligent guy. I am college educated, intellectually curious, and somewhat open minded. I am also absent minded. I get caught up in the moment. I am one of the sheep that I often look down my nose at. I have bought into so much of the hype that this election cycle has elicited. Not just the issues, the hype. The media coverage of this outrage and that outrage. This is the first election I have really ever been emotionally invested in and I bought the whole enchilada. (I love enchiladas, especially when they have pork and that yummy green sauce!) I became outraged and angry at this and that. I replied to inaccurate e-mails. I was caught up in the whole thing and today I realized that it has exhausted me. I am tired of politics. Maybe I'll wait another 16 years to vote again. Probably not, but that's what I feel like. I guess it was over compensating for all the issues and candidates that I have ignored over the years. Maybe I tried too hard.

But now that it is over I can let go and get on with the rest of my life. My daughter should be here any day now. I look forward to introducing her to all of you. I will say ridiculous things and bombard you with cute photos. I will espouse all the wonderful virtues of my lovely wife. I will complain about the homework load from my MBA classes. I will complain of lost sleep. But hopefully I will still care about political issues. They are important and I feel like, as a Christian, my beliefs have been hijacked by the GOP. I can be a Christian and a Democrat. Just watch me. Do you agree? Do you disagree? That's good, all of it is good. Let's talk about it. Let's not scream, lie and pretend that hyperbole is truth. Let's not try and scare someone into believing something. Fear is a powerful and evil weapon that should not be wielded lightly, or at all for that matter. Fear will undo us all. Please stop being afraid. Please stop telling me that I should be afraid. I can be afraid without your help.

Most of all, I want my daughter to grow up unaffected by fear. I hope that she can see through it well enough to know that life is what waits on the other side of fear. I hope you and I can too. Peace.


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