No Baby Yet...

Take a minute and vote on the birth weight of our daughter (on the right side of the blog...)

A few observations:

- My wife is pretty brave. Any woman who has given birth is brave. That has to be one of the more traumatic events a human can go through and still live. Good thing it produces such wonderful results. I suppose that's why people go through it more than once. Ouch.

- A natural consequence of the above statement is to remind you of how the world would look if men had to carry the unborn fetus and give birth. It would be empty. God knew what he was doing when he gave that assignment to women.

- Parents are great, especially when their children are becoming parents themselves. Okay, I am just speaking for myself. My parents are great, I am so lucky to have them involved in the process.

- We just bought a video camera, but don't hold your breath for a live feed of the birth. Just because we can, doesn't mean we will. How's that for restraint? But after the birth, there's plenty of action to get. You'll be sick of footage of our daughter by the time I am all through. Just wait, because it's coming.

- I wish I could find the words to describe how proud I am of my wife. I have heard less than complimentary accounts of how pregnant wives can act. I have not seen that from my wife. She is never a victim of anything, by choice. I love her for that. I can learn from her.

- I am more nervous about what MIGHT happen than what actually will happen. It could be that I am just an anxious person. That would explain how a mental construct could initialize very real symptoms like hair that seems to be falling out. Which reminds my hairline still receding? Check the picture and decide for yourself.


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