And Trinity Makes Three

So many people have told me how having a child will change everything and how you can never really express it in words. It's true, it's true! I think that the delirium of not sleeping much can cause a sudden loss of vocabulary, but even if that is the case, there simply is no way to describe how I feel right now. All the political stuff goes away. I only care about my family right now. I have a couple new shots that connect in my mind to the feelings that I have. They are of my wife and daughter during feeding times. That is the connection. That is what parenting is all about. I am so proud and happy that my wife has that connection with Trinity. I wish I had that connection. But I have others and those blow my mind too. I was changing her diaper and had her all clean and fresh. She yells when I change her. I was about to put a clean shirt on her, when I bent down and kissed her belly, told her I loved her and laid my cheek on her belly. She quieted down when I touched her. It was then that I realized that I have my own connection with her. Enjoy the pictures.

P.S. There is a slide show on the right side of the blog, at the top of the page. All the pictures I have so far are there.


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