We're Online!

Well, after much resistance (primarily on my part) we are now online at home. I have been resistant because I didn't want to spend the extra money when we both have access to the internet elsewhere. In addition, I find that I can waste a whole lot of time on the net. Before making any major purchase I like to research the best options. That means I spend way too much time visiting web sites looking at prices, reviews, shipping times, shipping costs, etc. I also 'over-research' recipes for dinner. Instead of using the four or five excellent cookbooks we have in our pantry, I go online and look for that perfect recipe for dinner. I'll find one that sounds great but I can't stop there. I think, 'well, maybe there's something just a little more inspiring' so I keep looking. Before I know it, we're eating peanut butter and jelly because it's past our dinner time! On the bright side, I guess having the internet at home will now give me plenty of opportunity to work on these 'issues'.


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