A few observations of my own...

1. I have a great husband. He always says such nice things. I think one reason this pregnancy has been such a positive experience is because of his supportive and caring attitude. When the pregnancy hormones were doing their thing he was always there to cheer me up. When I was feeling fat, he'd tell me how good I looked. When I was feeling too small, he'd tell me how big I looked--which (believe it or not!) was exactly what I needed to hear.

2. Retirement is going to be fun. Though Friday was my last 'official' day at work I did go in Monday and saw more patients than I expected; so many in fact that I didn't get some of the paperwork done in the office that I wanted to so I ended up working a half day yesterday to get that done. So, today was my first full day off work. Though I don't think I'd be ready to retire at 34, I can see how retirement is going to be enjoyable. At the gym this morning there were two retired women working out downstairs at the same time I was. They were talking about their husbands, about what they did the night before and how they were going to be spending their Thanksgivings. It reminded me of the conversations I have with my friend Beth at the gym however we have to go at 5:00 a.m. so she can get her kids to school and we both can get to work. How nice it will be to sleep in and still work-out with my friend. Also, I did a very 'retirey' thing today. I went golfing--with my retired mother. Retirement is like summer break; all year long. That will be cool.

3. Prayer is a good thing. I prayed through the whole 'membrane stripping' experience and it wasn't too bad. Though I know the power of prayer, I often forget. It's such an easy thing to do yet it's often an afterthought. I'm working on that.


  1. Maybe by the time you are up and about, your friend Beth will be ready to go back to the gym with you!! :) I can't wait to hold Trinity again!!


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