Well, we were wrong. Sort of.

When Autumn and I found out that she was pregnant again, we both had this feeling that we were having a boy. No reason per se, just a gut feeling. We had a similar experience with Trinity; we both thought she would be a girl. So imagine our surprise a couple of weeks ago when we found out that we were probably going to be having a girl! Well, we had our official ultrasound today and discovered that we are indeed having a boy! Yup, the umbilical cord was hiding something. He is about 23cm long and about 11oz. Boy he was moving around a lot. The technician was having a hard time getting a picture that looked like a baby. We had a shot that looked like a skeleton, a frog, and an alien, but no baby! But he did manage to get a couple of shots that looked human, as well as the "gender shot". Enjoy!

Yeah, this will embarrass him when he gets older!

Ain't he cuuute?


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