Quick Update

So it's wayyyyy too late to be blogging. Don't ask why I'm still up, I can't really answer that. But there is blogging to be done, so here I am. Lots of stuff this week, but we'll have to stick to a couple of topics...

One topic is Trinity's hair. Why does it always turn into a rat's nest? We comb it out (nearly) every night during her bath, but it inevitably turns into some sort of wild animals nest. What do you think?

Also, Trinity is walking very well these days. But her newest trick is walking on our feet as well as hers. This is something I did with my dad when I was was young. It was great fun for me, so I can imagine that it is just as fun for Trinity. Here she is on mom's feet:

Another surprise? She likes to help clean. Must be a trait from her mother. But here she is helping me scrub cabinets. I'll bet she's having more fun than me! But it's a lot of fun having her try and experience the things that we are doing. I know that she doesn't understand it yet, but I sure appreciate her wanting to be with us:

This last part is not about Trinity. Weird huh? Well, Autumn's running partner and friend, Lisa, gave us a BUNCH of sourdough starter. We love sourdough. Autumn made pancakes this morning and started some bread too. We ended up being gone most of the day, which will be fodder for another post, so we ended up letting the bread dough raise all day instead of 2 hours. Didn't matter, the bread was AWESOME. Here's the goods, and the bread too. Sort of ironic that Autumn is cooking bread in the oven. In case that confuses you, go here for an explanation of the term "bun in the oven".


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