I'm learning a couple of things...

Well, I'm learning things all the time. I'm also thinking about things all the time. One of the things that I am thinking about is a nickname for the baby in Autumn's belly. Trinity was Happy Feet (feet for fetus). I'll take any suggestions under consideration. But back to the topic at hand...

The first thing that I am learning is that our second little girl is about the size of a turnip:

The second thing I learned was about dreams. I read it on www.babycenter.com:

Many women report that their dream life shifts into high gear during pregnancy. Interestingly, during the second and third trimesters, you spend less sleep time in rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, the cycle in which most dreams occur. Why, then, all those frequent and vivid dream memories?

It's probably at least in part because you may be interrupting a dream-filled cycle when you wake up to pee, cope with heartburn, leg cramps, restless legs, or a backache, or to shift to a more comfortable position. Waking up during REM sleep makes you more likely to remember your dreams.

Autumn has always had vivid dreams and she has always woken up regularly during the night. To me that's not normal. If I wake up more than once it's a bad night's sleep. I like to think of it as a super power. But in all seriousness it helps me understand why Autumn remembers her dreams most nights and I rarely remember more than one a year. So there you go. I'm not sure how this helps, except may Trivial Pursuit. I love that game!


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