Church Music, Older Brothers and...Shoes?

Last weekend was the time change thing. Spring ahead? Something like that. I think it was more like, lose even more sleep than usual. Seems like the world slows down for a day or two after the time change. Is it worth it? Who knows. What I do know is that the time change allowed us to stay at church after the service to enjoy the brunch. Usually we have to get home to get the little girl down for her morning nap. There was ham and eggs and pancakes and juice and all kinds of fun! Trinity had second breakfast and then was off to socialize with everyone she could find! Here's a great shot of her with Emma, one of her "older" friends:

What a great shot of the girls! Notice the sweet smock she received for Christmas from Sue, it's perfect for protecting her Sunday best!

It's really hard to see the drum sticks, since they're moving so FAST, but Trinity was having a blast banging on the drums at church, she was moving from drum to drum, just hitting away. Sure is fun to watch her try new things!

Auntie Beth came over the other night to pick something up. I can't remember what it was, but Payton and Spencer came with her. They use to be in daycare with Trinity and just love her. They are so good with her. Here is Payton helping Trinity through her numbers book.

Finally, we come to the end. Today, Autumn, Trinity and I went to Boise for Trinity's neurology appointment. It was a 3 month follow up. We didn't learn anything new, but we start tapering Trinity's anti-seizure medication next week. That will be nice, I have heard that it has some side effects as far as moodiness. Of course, you'd never tell with our little girl, she's pretty much always happy. While we were in Boise, we did a little shopping, as usual. You can tell by the picture above what Trinity needed. Who said diamonds are a girl's best friend?


  1. Great pictures! I really like the one of Emma and Trinity. Wonder why? I see Trinity's getting a good start on some adorable shoes. I girl's gotta have her shoes. :^) Vicki

  2. That's what I keep telling Aaron!


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