Cleaning, Wrestling, Reading, Climbing, and Running Around Naked (Almost)!

Yeah, I've been slacking a little bit. But I'm making up for it this evening. If you aren't ready for an extended stay, then I apologize. Because you're going to get it whether you want it or not! There are new things happening around here everyday, thanks to a baby who just won't stop growing up!

So, the other day I let Trinity have the spoon. She was eating oatmeal (sort of). I guess you have to start somewhere. I just keep thinking that I STILL look like this occasionally.

Don't think I need a caption on this one.

I took Trinity swimming on Saturday. Turns out she likes to wear goggles. Okay, she thinks it's funny to wear goggles for about 30 seconds. but then again, that's about how long anything lasts for her these days, unless it's pizza.

New things? Well, we have started working on chores with Trinity. After all, it's about time she started pulling her own weight around here. For starters, we have her doing a little dust-mopping. The crazy thing is how much she likes doing it. I think in the end, it's a little bit like the telephone; she simply wants to do what we are doing. I'm just glad we don't watch a whole lot of television!

After we finished with the dust mop, we moved to dusting. This model has a telescoping handle for those hard-to-reach places. We ran into a little bit of a problem with this one; Trinity just wanted to eat the dusting end! It is brand new, so it wasn't dangerous or dirty, but we need to work on dusting skill and equipment orientation. Plus, this is just a darn cute photo!

We decided that Trinity needs to step it up a little and move up a weight class in her wrestling. So instead of wrestling animals, we decided on mom. No, Autumn, that's not a fat joke!

Things started out well enough for our little grappler, but alas, it was not her day...she tried her new "flying monkey" maneuver...

...and ended up overshooting the target!

Then she got a little over-confident and went for the pin...

...but mom easily escaped! We learned a valuable lesson here, that mom is almost always going to win! Also, don't mess with a pregnant momma-bear!

Trinity loves to climb up onto the furniture. She has discovered that when she steps up on things, she can get up higher. Here she is using whatever is handy to get up onto the couch. In this case, it's mom's head!
Here's a little boost to finish the job!

And while she doesn't need help getting down, she often needs help getting down safely! And speaking of safety, we drew first blood the other day when we were playing chase. Okay, it's not the very first blood, but it was probably the most blood so far. Trinity and I were playing chase. I'll start crawling towards her and she takes of crawling at a high rate of speed. If sprint crawling were an Olympic sport, she'd be able to compete! In this case though, she failed to see my foot in her path. Her left arm caught on my foot and she did a fantastic face plant...right onto the hardwood. Don't worry, she's okay, but she did have a fat lip for a bit. It was probably more traumatic for me than her.

Cute pic of mom and Trinity reading books. She sure loves story time!

I include this one because everyone likes a naked baby, especially the baby! It's also the random cuteness of the day!


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