McCall Weekend (Part 1?)

A couple of weeks ago we went to McCall with some friends. It was a great time, we all stayed in a house together and went skiing and tubing and generally just hung out. We took in a hockey game, watched some Olympics (mostly just men in tights: booooo!) But at the end of the day, it was a great time with friends. Trinity had a good time tubing and it was by far the best day on the hill that I have had in years. Here are a few pics from the weekend:

Okay, so this isn't McCall. But it's funny!

Here's the rear view!

McCall crew for lunch, thanks for the weekend guys!

Steve-o and Trinity rockin' the tube. Next year she gets one of her own!

Stairs. Okay, she went up these stairs about a million times. We helped with the down part, but she has the climbing thing down.

They say it takes a village. Thanks ladies, for giving me and Autumn a little break!

Did I say it takes a village? It does. Trinity has a good village and good uncles.


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