Surfer Girl and Tropical Fruit

According to, Autumn is halfway through this pregnancy! She let me know a couple of days ago how she is starting to feel the little guy move! Here is approximately what he looks like according to the website:

They always compare the baby (or fetus or embryo) to some sort of food for size comparison. I find it somewhat exciting to see what sort of food our little boy is going to be compared to! This week we find him the size of a banana! In case you didn't know what a banana looks like, here you go:
I think that Autumn is still amazed every time we see how big the baby is inside of her. Even when Trinity came out, I had a hard time believing that she had, just moments before birth, fit inside of Autumn's belly!

I went and visited my dad on Thursday in Boise, and then went to Costco on the way home. I bought Trinity a swimsuit while I was there because she has never really had one that fit properly. We usually just put some little bottoms from a dress or something, just to put over the swim diaper. But now she has her very own swimsuit! It looks to me like a surfer suit, with the rash guard and everything...notice the ruffles? Pretty cute!

And now, modeling the latest in Costco swimsuit fashions for toddlers, it's Trinity Harrell! By the way, those are colored fish on the belly.


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