Homecoming and Coming of Age

As you may have known, Autumn (plus little baby boy) was in chilly Rochester, Minnesota. Heckuva time to be in the great white north, eh? Well, it was a conference for work that she had been trying to find for a few years now. I suppose weather was the price she had to pay to get it. The conference was put on by the Mayo Clinic, so you know it's top notch. But 25-30 mph winds will kill just about any outside activity when it's in the 20's.

I tried to update the blog every day that Autumn was gone, and I think I got close. But I missed a couple of days and then I didn't post a homecoming...shame on me! Trinity and I went over to Boise to pick Autumn up from the airport. It was my fourth time to Boise in a week and a half, so I'm getting to know the roads rather well. This was the best time though, because Autumn was greeted by Trinity at the airport. We waited at the big doorway for Autumn, while Trinity made friends with all the other people who were waiting. Then, when it was about time for Autumn to come out the doors, Trinity and I walked out in front of the doors and waited. We didn't have to wait long, and when Trinity saw her mommy, she came as close to running as I have ever seen her as she went to greet Autumn with a hug. I think it was the hormones, but Autumn got a little misty. You would too:

Pictures don't always show action, but this little girl wants her mommy!

My two happy girls!

Also, we celebrated my nephew Mark's 18th birthday! Holy cow, I remember when he was just a wee lad. But he's graduating this year and now he can vote. He can also blow out candles pretty well:

On your mark, get set...


Happy Birthday Mark!


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