Winter (Mc)Calls

See how low I stoop to entertain you? Look at that title, just look at it...shameful. What else is shameful? The fact that it's been over a week since I updated this blog...yech! I could tell you about slow internet, blah blah blah, but it doesn't really matter, does it? All that matters is that you've been waiting and I've not been delivering.

But onto bigger and better snow! Last weekend. Wait, make that the weekend before last, we went to McCall with Autumn's family. Lee and Lorna, along with Wade, Amy, Mark and Grayson, we rented a house and went skiing. The house was beautiful, the only problem was that there were 4 foot icicles hanging from the eave...yikes! But those were taken care of and we set up camp...

Trinity went out and played in the snow. She LOVES being outside, as you can tell!

It was a big house, which is a good thing because there were eight adults. We played some video games where you actually use your own movements to control the game. It's Xbox something-or-other. But it was fun and everyone pitched in for the food.

This is Trinity right after she stood up in the tub. The problem was that the tub was extra deep and she was under the water spout. Poor little girl.

Yo homey!

Trinity likes containers. She likes to put things in containers. She likes to be in containers. She likes to get into containers while putting things in containers. I think she gets it from me.

At Brundage, there was a bunch (6 inches?) of new snow, but it was warm, maybe 30 degrees. Perfect for a beginner like me. Here's most of the crew: Amy, Mark, Grayson, Wade and Lee.

Did I mention that Trinity likes being outside? We went for a walk and she was as happy as could be just walking around eating snow. But all things come to an end. And just as Trinity trudges off down the trail, so must I to bed. Next time, I'll be quicker about the whole blog update thing...maybe. Nightee-night!


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