More or (and) less

So, with our cruddy internet speeds in the evening (hint, hint all of you Netflix users), it's hard to get a consistently good connection that allows me to get pictures and videos on here with any speed at all. I have a few, but it took FOREVER! So this post is more or less what I had intended. Ah well, at least you get your fix...

Always has something in her mouth. This girls sure loves her food!

I wish I could tell you that this was an accident. It is his vitamins, which are the color of pureed peas. I don't know how kids take that stuff!

Accident waiting to happen...

...called that one correctly!

Do I need a caption? Nope.

The best part about this is that both kids are smiling, at the same time. Now, if they would only look at the camera!

Juice! Two things:  Trinity rarely gets juice, so this is a real treat! Also, Caprisun drinks don't work very well when you tip them...she'll learn!

Cuteness abounds with this boy. You can NOT stop this...

Trinity sure loves animals! She is such a curious little girl!

Finally we have a little clip of Trinity and her first McDonald's ice cream cone. I know that there is a lot of bad mouthing out there about the golden arches, but they dish out some mean soft serve! Enjoy:


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