Fun, Fun, Fun

Creative title, huh? Well, that's what you get at this hour. My weak excuse is that I am on the tail end of a little cold that has made me a  little more tired than normal. Meh. Excuses are like...well, you know.

Kids are cute, except for the two-year-old-ness of Trinity. That's not so cute. But she remains the cutest little girl I know. I think that the best part of Trinity being two is that I have to parent her, along with Autumn, and it is a great reminder to stay consistent, because she's two and has way more energy than me. Now on with the pictures!

Well your highness, where to this afternoon?

Up for a little tour around the house? Good show sir, let me take you another lap around the estate...

All jokes aside, I can't wait to see these two as they get older. They both have such good natures, it will be a hoot to watch them together!

One of my recent favorites. Just wish I had the presence of mind to yank the pacifier for a sec.

Are you kidding me?!?? Happy boy!

Here's a random picture of Trinity and I testing the weight limit of her wheel barrow. So far so good!

Our nephew Mark turns 19, so we have a party! 

Trinity's cousins have a little headstart in the height/weight category...


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