It takes a village...

Trinity is fortunate to have many people in her life that love her very much. That is one thing I will always try and provide for Trinity: a loving community of people that she can rely upon. Kayley is one of the sweetest of those people. Kayley is a good friend that spends time with Trinity, teaching her all kinds of fun things. They have played dress up and baked cookies, just to name a couple. Here is an old picture of Kayley and Trinity with Santa (2009). Kayley picked out matching dresses for her and Trinity.

Kayley wrote a story for school, it was about Trinity. I have included an image of the original and the text typed out. I don't think I need to say much more, except, Thank you Kayley!

Kayley Pointer

Trinity Esther

Trinity is such a miracle. The reason I am so thankful for her is because when she was maybe a year old or younger she was at the daycare center and she had a seasiour. She also stopped breathing. She was rushed to the emergency room and then flown to Portland. When she got a little better the doctors saw that half of her brain was damaged. She was also blind. But now she has restored all of her vision back! And is doing much better. Trinity is so important to me she is like family. Every birthday she is with us. On Thursdays we eat breakfast with her mom Autumn and Trinity. It’s very nice. Trinity is so special to me because she is a living breathing miracle. She is doing amazing now! She has a baby brother named Teagan. She does not talk much for a 2 year old but she talks a lot for Trinity…I am going to try and be a good role model for Trinity. And when she gets older I want to do tubing, trips to Boise water park and lots of fun stuff like that. On Sunday for her birthday gift we got her a yellow suitcase that has tons of dress up clothes. She is the sweetest little girl ever! And she is very well behaved (for a 2 year old) And while she was in the hospital her parents taught her sign language. She knew a lot. She is such a miracle and I am thankful for her. She is amazing. Words C-A-N-N-O-T explain this little girl. Now Autumn (her mom) and Aaron (her dad) and Teagan will be behind to make up for Trinity. Oh yah, and at church (Christian Church) she puts her hands up and sings! She is so funny. Also, did I mention that she was a beautiful Christian, living and breathing, little miracle? If not…she is!


  1. ...and the tears flow. Trinity is so blessed to have Kayley in her life and Kayley blessed to have Trinity. We all are. Thanks for sharing this, Aaron!


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