More grandparents than you can shake a stick at...

...and more fun than a barrel of monkeys! My dad came down last weekend for a visit with us the grandkids. In the meantime, guess what? We took more pictures! We shot more video! Wahoo!

I couldn't get a good shot of Teagan and mom, but he was looking very stylish in his hat!

How is it that our daughter is old enough to have her own drink in a regular paper cup? Okay, so it was a couple of tablespoons in a dixie up, but she's growing up so fast! This was fun, she kept asking for more and more. She was having so much fun!

Not sure here, but cute!

We taught Teagan to pull hair. It sort of backfired because Trinity likes it when Teagan grabs her. She's turning into already the world's sweetest little girl. It's so much fun watching her grow up. Did you notice the crossed-out typing? I just discovered it. That means I'll over use it for a while.

I try and post pictures with significance. For this one? First diaper I have seen Sue change. For someone who doesn't do it too often, she did a great job!

First of many like this, I presume. My dad and Trinity out playing in the yard. Dad really got into it. He even laid down in the snow and showed Trinity how to make a snow angel. I think he regrets doing it in jeans though...brrr!

We discovered one of the greatest sounds ever:

Isn't that laugh just precious! No one can make him laugh like that except Trinity. Special kids I tell you, special kids.

I think they are all looking at the camera, or at least close to it. That means this post is a wrap. Take care of you and yours.


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