Interim photos...

The title really says it all. Okay, it doesn't. But the title sets the tone for a relatively theme-free post. This usually ends up with me throwing out captions like those two old guys on the Muppets. I love that show. Now on with this show!

Well, there's all sorts of wrong with this picture. It reminds me of those pictures where you circle all the things that are physically off about the picture, like the door only has one hinge, or the door knob and hinges are on the same side. Yeah, that's this picture. Send me your best caption and I'll send you a prize!

This is the antithesis of the previous picture. No caption needed.

My girls, at Trinity's first swimming lesson.

Little kids look so stinkin' cute in swim suits!

So that's about it, not much on this post. I have another one coming, since we just got back from skiing in McCall, Idaho with Autumn's family. Good times, lots of snow! In the mean time, enjoy the following video of Teagan (not) enjoying his green beans:


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