Where does the time go?

Often I look at the last time that I posted and I wonder where all the time went between then and now. Somehow I can let time just slip away without letting all of you know about our latest antics. It seems like there has been less to write about lately, but I think that may have to do with the weather. It's a little tougher to get outside with kids when it's constantly below freezing. It seems like things are starting to thaw a little, so maybe we can get out there! Meanwhile, here are a few things that we have been doing inside.

Looking sharp there young man! Actually, Teagan does this whether he is outside or inside.

Oh come on, you knew this one was coming. And yes, it's for the ladies.

I am not sure who this one is for. I may save this one for revenge. Don't judge me until you see the end of this post. Trinity loves shoes! She really likes to wear Autumn's shoes. She wishes that she could wear mine, but it's not even reasonable to walk in shoes that come up to your knees.

Time and again, Trinity has shown to be a great sister. She loves to share and help with Teagan. If he cries, she comes and gets us so that we can help him. Here she is helping him blow his nose.

Hey, we do get out once in a while! Trinity was having fun reading while we cruised around the neighborhood. It was cold, I don't know how she was okay without her mittens. I guess it is hard to read with mittens on.

Don't really need a caption; cute wife and cute son. There, done.

This is the result of Trinity's first baking episode here at home. A little mouse told me that she was VERY helpful when it came to dumping ingredients into the bowl.

Trinity enjoys the perks of being the chef...mmm!

Not too sure why this picture made it here. Maybe it's because she looks like she's trying to sneak a cookie...gotcha!

Wow, bad picture. I told you there isn't much mercy around here when it comes to photos. Why oh why do I do this to myself?


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