Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Extra breast milk, that is. What do you do with it? How about cheese? Maybe sell it to your local chef? Breast milk...it's what's for dinner! Ha! Actually it would be more beneficial to donate here, here or maybe here. There are lots of things to do with breast milk, but the best is probably to just feed it to your baby. Why all the talk about breast millk? Let me explain. No, let me show you:

In case you're wondering, this is one of two freezers in our garage that are at least 70% frozen breast milk. We now plan our weekly menu around frozen food because we need to use it up to make room for more breast milk. Boy I've said breast a lot in this post. Sorry kids! This freezer is just the one on top of our second fridge. The other is a deep freeze. Yep, that's full too! Okay, I wasn't going to show it because it' just too messy, but...

Impressive huh? At least Teagan won't be starving...

...Of course we never really had to worry about that!


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