The many faces of Teagan...

No, I don't have a whole lot of mercy on my family while I am blogging. If you take a bad picture, and everyone does sooner or later, then you're fair game. Heck, I'm even fair game. I take some pretty bad pictures! In that vein I have compiled a few pictures that show a few different looks for Teagan. He really doesn't get hisown posts very often, so I'm showing him a little blog-love. Enjoy!




Going over...

Maybe...or not. He never really went further than this. It was pretty exciting though, because we have noticed that Teagan has not really been too interested in rolling over. He's just a happy baby, happy to be wherever you put him. Although he does like to sit up...and jump:


See: our happy boy! He sure is a joy to be around. So smiley. He's learning to giggle too:


Here's the signature smile though, the one I think of when I think of Teagan.

And finally, I leave you with a moment of serenity:



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