On the second day...he ate!

Maybe it was the third day. Fourth day? Who knows! Either way, I seem to be blog-challenged these days. Either I can't find the time, can't find the energy, or the *bleeping* server keeps rotating the picture (see below). Sorry kids, I wasn't really saying a bad word, just making a point. Ask your parents.

This is a really cute pic, IF you tilt your head 90 degrees to the left.

It's a little hard to see, but Trinity is using Teagan's hand to wave "Buh-bye!" And no, there is no way that is comfortable, even for a baby that has no real skeleton yet.

UPDATE: Okay, so my confession here is that it was a little late at night when I wrote this update. I totally forgot to point out that Teagan is almost as big as Trinity! Did I mention that he is over 17lbs? He is! Did you notice that his jeans are unbuttoned? They are!

Trinity photo. Press that button girl!

Your moment of serenity. Okay, maybe that just works for me.

It's a little hard to see, but she has food in her nose. Yep, this one's for the teenage years. Can you say, "torture"?

Okay, so this is a reality check. I tend to post (mostly) the best pictures, or at least the most appropriate ones. This one is to let you know that this boy doesn't always slay the camera, just mostly.

So this is Teagan's first rice cereal. He loved it! Not that we have to worry about our offspring liking food...


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