Randonimity and other vaguely ambiguous verbiosity

A few cute pictures that are not related to anything in particular. I guess they're related to me, but that's different. Sick of semantics? Me too! Is that even the proper use of that word? Any thoughts Lisa? Comments welcome! Meanwhile, on to the pictures!

So, we swaddle the heck out of Teagan. Poor little mummy! But he calms down so well and sleeps very well, so we continue to do it. The other night there was a panic because -gulp- we were out of swaddle thingees! As you can see, Teagan is far too powerful for the plain old blanket swaddle, especially a pink one! As you can see he is celebrating his victory over the blankie...and sleeping

Actually, sometimes I do wear a cape...
(read the shirt)

We bought a toddler bed for Trinity, but the mattress and bedding were the wrong size. Or the bed was the wrong size. But we had a backup bed from a fundraiser, so we used that. Let's just say that Trinity is NOT ready for a big girl bed. She likes to sleep within physical boundaries, and that's just okay by me!
Sometimes you just have to run with a box on your head. No? Me neither, but Trinity and Ava thought it was great fun!


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