Weekend Visitors and Pictures!

My sister came down this weekend to visit, it was really great to see Coleen and Jason. This is the first time they have been able to see Trinity, so it was fabulous to have them down. This was also the first time they have visited the new house as well. That's a long time! It's funny how time flies. I know we don't get up there nearly as often as I would like.

Here is Coleen with her neice:

Pretty comfy already, even though they just met!

We call this her jailbird outfit for obvious reasons!

For all the big Trinity fans out there here are some more pics of the little bugger. The lighting in the living room isn't so good. I wish that our flash wouldn't wash everything out. Then we wouldn't have to settle for blurry pictures. I hope that Jason's pictures turned out better.

Tummy times are getting better, look at her hold that head up!

She's so cute, it's ridiculous!

I like these next photos because of the scale. Autumn took them while I was holding Trinity. The funny thing is that, even though her hand is TINY, I think they are pretty big for a little baby.

I also love pictures of her forearms...so chubby and cute!


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