In case you wanted to know...

I have been having an attack of the conscience lately, in regards to our dog. She has been driving me bananas lately with her desire for attention. She has not been getting a lot of attention because of the baby and she is often a nuisance in our eyes. It's not her fault, she's always loved attention, she just doesn't understand. So I feel bad. I had Autumn get her a little treat the other day, it's been keeping her happy and occupied...I wonder why. To understand the scale of this picture, the dog weighs 115lbs. The bone is about a foot and a half long. Yummy dog treat!

She might look like she is having fun with the bone, but she is actually protecting it. I was out in the yard, on mine patrol, and she was worried that I was going to take her bone from her. I would walk away and she would follow me, and then when I would walk towards the bone, she would walk right beside me, speeding up when I sped up. She loves her bone!


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