Momma Watch 2008

What amazes me is how close we are to becoming parents. I suppose we already are, in a way, but I think you know what I mean. Autumn pointed out that we are only about 16 weeks from having our daughter. Wow. One thing people ask me is if I am ready. Am I ready? Does it matter? She's coming whether we are ready or not. I am pretty thrilled to have her join us. I can only hope that I am up to the challenge of being the husband and father that I have been created to be. A note to new fathers: If your pregnant wife walks up to you, DO NOT say, "Holy Cow!" while pointing at her expanding belly. That's a bad idea. Very insensitive. Learn from me. Bad husband. I think my wife is so incredible. Obviously it comes out in bad ways some times. Her baby bump is growing, as you can see, she is looking more and more like the watermelon smuggler that she is. I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do. peace. By the way, Autumn ran a 5k last weekend with her BFF Beth. Did I mention that she is 6 months pregnant? Amazing.


  1. Another piece of advice to all futher fathers out there...when your wife's pregnancy hormones are getting the better of her, don't ask her, "Are we feeling a little pregnant today?" A comment like that is guaranteed to double the hormone level and quite potentially has the opposite affect you were hoping for. Major kudos to Autumn and her ability to still run a 5k!

  2. And by "further fathers", I meant future fathers.


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