Baby Watch 2008

My wife is beautiful. The fact that she is pregnant only points to the beauty that is always in her. It is simply manifesting itself it one more wonderful way. I take so many things in my life for granted, especially the good in the people that are around me. My wife is around me more than anyone else. I take her granted more than anyone else. She deserves more than I give her. She is amazing and I love her very much.

As of this week, we are at the 23-week mark. The folks at the Baby Center say that the baby is about the mass of a large mango. See above pictures for more graphic details. We are taking a birthing class at the hospital. It is very good and there is a TON of information. Also, as we look online and read more it is apparent that we do not know enough. There is so much to think about in regards to the well being of our daughter. On a side note: I am SO excited to meet her!


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