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I did not know what to put in the title. Sometimes my mind tends to go in all kinds of directions, without any pattern. I am constantly tired these days and I am not sure why. I get up early to study, but I am getting seven hours of sleep or more. I think that it is frustrating for Autumn because I do not have the enthusiasm to do much. I can understand her frustration. To top it off I am grumpy because I feel tired and she ends up having to deal with that too. And then there is the assertiveness issue. Why, in the face of opposition, do I find it so hard to express how I feel? At least once a day I find myself trying to justify my choices because I am afraid to say that I made the decision because . It is a matter of honesty, which I appear to have a problem with when it comes to expressing myself. Needless to say, this has consequences in my marriage and other relationships. Maybe writing it here will help me stay accountable. Maybe not. Thanks for listening.

P.S. I have added a daily bible verse RSS feed on the right side of the blog. I met with a friend this morning and we were both talking about discipline and the benefits of reading the bible on a regular basis. This feed should help remind me to do that. I am going to try and post the verse and thoughts here every day. It is for me, but if it benefits you too, that's awesome!


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