Great Weekend

I can see how easy it is to not write on a regular basis. But the fact of the matter is that repetition can make a good thing indispensable. Blogging is the journal that I never write, so it is important that I keep writing. Originally this was a way to keep every one updated on the progress of the baby, but there is enough going on in our lives that it has become a way of keeping track of where we have been and where we are going. It will be fun to read this in a few years.

We spent a great weekend in Spokane, Washington with some really good friends. I had not seen them in over a year. Their daughters are growing so fast that I can not believe they are four and almost two years old. Gabi and Bella are beautiful kids, in the way that growing children always are. Perfect? No, but they are beautiful nonetheless. It is funny because Gabi, the older of the two, played a role in me and Autumn getting together in the first place. I had visited our friends when their first child was born and I had a picture taken when I was holding Gabi in the back yard. this was Autumn's first look at me after I had cut my hair and cleaned up a little bit. Good for me!

The weekend, although it was a long weekend, went by altogether too fast. I tried to capture this idea when I took a picture of the girls and Kyle on the carousel in the park. See picture above. I have heard that life becomes an awful lot like this when yo have kids: a big blur.

we took our first birthing class last night, it was interesting and boring at the same time. The nurse that gave the talk was very funny and did manage to hold my attention most of the time. I may even remember something about it some day. We did a couple of breathing exercises (think "hee, hee, hoo"!), which I hope I remember when the time comes. Pray for us as we go through this pregnancy and into parenthood.


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