Baby Watch 2008

A little more info with a couple of pics...

I have now felt our daughter kick on a number of occasions, what an amazing thing this all is. There is a life in Autumn's belly...

We are getting the name question now, but so far we are holding fast and not revealing our choices. The truth is that we do not know what her name is for sure yet. We have a few picked out that we like, but I think that she will pick her name all by herself. We'll know what it is. We have steered her to a few choices, based on our perceptions and desires, be she will ultimately tell us who she is. We have selected these names based on popularity (common is bad, but so is weird), the sound (some names flow, some just sound funny) and association (do not name the kid after something popular or notorious, or a disliked relative). Other than that, we have been bouncing the names back and forth. We'll see which one sticks.

By the way, our little nameless girl is about the mass of an ear of corn.


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