We're back! Wait, did we ever leave?

Too darn late...again. Why do I do this to myself? Daylight savings (or losings) may be the death of me here. But really, that's not why you're here, is it?

Me neither. Sorry for the rabbit trail, it won't happen again. Unless it does.

We took a quick trip to Seattle this weekend to see my grandmas. They have not seen Teagan until now, since neither is traveling much anymore. Trinity stayed with Autumn's parents while we went, since 4 days of driving is enough to drive any (almost) 2-year-old crazy, not to mention her parents. So we took off Thursday night and stayed in Portland. Friday we visited my Oma in Silverdale, WA. We had lunch here and enjoyed our time with Oma immensely! This is great-granson #2, which is very exciting!

I think Teagan ate a bad oyster or something.

Now here's a cute couple, three generations apart. Amazing!

Oma and me at lunch

We usually wrap Teagan up to sleep in a swaddler of some sort, but if you give him a comfortable enough bed, who needs a swaddle?

Tan baby. It must be a recessive gene that passed from my grandfather to Teagan. My dad and I didn't get it.

Here is one of Teagan's other great grandmas. Nana was pretty excited to meet her newest great grandson!

Auntie Coleen, showing off her nephew. It sure was great to see her again!

Teagan likes to smile. He smiles a lot. Even after 4 days of driving, he STILL wakes up smiling!

Hi Autumn!

This sort of qualifies as Teagan's first time holding his own bottle. I am pretty sure that it just so happened that his arms were pressing together at the right time. The rest is coincidence. But we'll take it!

It was a whirlwind trip to see family, but we managed to get a little Christmas shopping done and made it home in time for dinner Sunday night. It was so busy that it felt like about a day and a half instead of three and a half. Whew, good to be home!


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