It was Spooktacular!

Okay, so not technically a costume, it a cute shirt on a cute little kid. Happy Halloween! I am pretty sure that this wasn't on October 31, but the week before is when kids wear Halloween clothes. Why? Because you can't see this shirt if it's underneath his costume...silly goose!

I don't know if this kid can take a bad picture. Must get it from his mom.

Here's the costume: Dr. Teagan, paging Dr. Teagan!

Here's how Teagan kicks off the sleeping. Sheesh!

Papa smurf and son, or at least feet of son. Gus thought he could hide from the camera...

Nice try, gotcha!

I have GOT to see the dentist...but at least Trinity is a cute sock monkey.

The part had all kinds of games for kids, including bobbing for apples. Trust me, that wasn't a heated pool at all!

Caesar + Salad. Are you kidding me? They won first prize in the costume contest.

Super Olivia and Lisa. Technically I think Olivia was a witch, but she's always Super-Olivia to me.

Ivy is a grandma to so many of our children, she is truly a treasure here in Baker!

Andi and Alex, cute picture neighbors!

Another cute couple, Kim and Quinn. I think Quinn is wearing Trinity's Sock Monkey hat. How'd he get that?

A party is no party without Miss Melody. She has been a mother to generations of Baker kids, including ours now. She obviously can't get enough of Teagan! Who can?

Here's the parade of costumes, round 1: the kids. At times the party was mayhem!

Me and Trinity

Okay, so the chicken (Zachary Henry) was fantastic, very good!

Here's a shot of the party, it sure ended up being a fun evening. There were tons of great people that made for a nice evening of fun and games!

Games for Trinity, score!

Hard to pass up a picture this cute...

My dad and step mom came over for the party and stayed the night. Here's Opa putting the little (big?) guy to sleep. Partying is hard work!

Here's a nice family photo the day after:

Yes that's pink hair that I have. Breast cancer awareness day was last Thursday. I won second place in the contest at our office. Get some!


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