Birthday #2...and #3?

So once again I find myself derelict in my blogging duties. Surprised? Neither am I. It's been an entire week since Trinity's birthday parties and I am just now getting to it. Seems like time flies. The truth is that I have been falling asleep in the big brown chair in the living room. After Teagan's last feeding, I'll sometimes hold him a little while he settles into sleep. It turns out that he is like a tranquilizer; I hold him and he puts me to sleep. Then I wake up at 1am and wonder what the heck is going on. I hate that feeling. But enough of that, on to the pictures!

Here's Teagan and his granddad hanging out, waiting for cake...

Here's the birthday girl, with Jamma and Boppa.

Trinity took this one, really!

Trinity loves ice! More! Please!

Cousin Mark, in repose

On to the goods! Trinity liked opening presents and all, but she paced herself nicely. She would open a gift and then take it, or the card that came with it, around to show everyone. Then she might play a little. Eventually she would come back for more. Funny girl!

Trinity also received this suitcase full of dress-up clothes! There were sunglasses, shoes, ladybug wings, etc! She should have fun with that stuff!

..but before she flies away, it's time for a little cooking in the kitchen with Kayley and Kate! Wow, that could be the name of a television show...

Trinity really loves it when everyone sings happy birthday to her...

We practiced blowing out candles, but I think that there must have been too much pressure with all those people around. She just stared at the candle mostly. I think she was already daydreaming about eating the cake...

Ah, the dream becomes reality!

Sometimes the spoon just isn't fast enough!

This is Kate, Kathy and Kayley. These girls sure put the lovin' on our kids. We sure appreciate having them in our lives!

Oh, and birthday #3? That's for later...


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