Party #1: thanks for the memories!

This post might actually be considered neglect, since I should be getting Teagan up to feed him. Instead I toil dutifully away to keep all of you nicely informed. Also, my finger hurts because the skin by the corner of my fingernail is so dry that it cracked. It's so hard to be me sometimes. Ouch, I just used that finger again. It's the middle finger on my right hand, so don't ask me to show it to you. Yet again, I digress...

Monday is Trinity's 2nd birthday. Crazy! Our little miracle girl is turning two! We had party #1 this morning, a little get together for Trinity and her friends. Enjoy:

Autumn was up WAY too late working on all of this stuff. She did an awesome job. The theme for the party was the color red. Nice.

It was a small gathering, about the perfect size.

Don't let the smiles fool you. These three are trouble. I mean Trouble. Had to capitalize trouble for emphasis, so you know how serious I am.

First activity was decorating party hats. The kids had stickers and markers to personalize their hats. Everyone had their initial on their hat for identification.

Not everyone thought it was a great idea...

Okay, the boys seemed to want rid of the hats. I hear that may be a phase that they never grow out of. Looking good Zach!

Again: Trouble. Kal is explaining the finer points of helium balloons to Teagan.

On to the cake! This is Trinity listening to everyone sing to her. She was so thrilled with the whole event!

She was so thrilled that she forgot to blow out the candle. She did, however, try to blow out the cake...

Hunter and prey...

Strangely well-done photo of Alex and his red velvet cupcake.

Here's the right idea! Go Ava!

Zach never did eat his cupcake. Fortunately for Ava too, since Trinity stole hers...

This is how we roll. Dainty? Uh, no.

Aunt Beth came on by to help out with the dance portion (video to come soon). Here she is giving Teagan a little love.

Presents: I think that Trinity is about to give Zach a big ol' kiss. I told Trinity that she could hang around boys all she wants, as long as they leave crying.

Trinity in her new skirt! fun!

My mom is here in town for the birthday event(s). Sometimes nothing says love like grandma and grandson. More updates as the weekend keeps on keepin' on...


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