Two in a row...

How many pictures can we take in a day? It turns out that, even at home, we can take quite a few. Without further ado, lets see where this goes!

Trinity is sporting the newest trench coat fashion. And yes, it does look an awful lot like mom's jacket.

Can you say, "I gotcha"?

Halloween may be over, but it's never too late for scary faces!

Trinity's scary face was probably an accident, but I am not really sure what to say about this one.

Lately Trinity has really liked the photo books that we have. She loves to go to the bookshelves and get them to read. Here are my girls, reading in the big top tent.

Someday, when he is older and able to figure things out on his own, Teagan is going to pull me aside, show me all the photos I have published of him and he is going to look deeply into my eyes and say, "dad...why?"

It's like herding cats. Or wrestling a greased pig. I never understood those metaphors until I had kids. I hear that this is only the beginning...

I really should zoom in, but we'll keep it wide so you can't see too clearly that Trinity is wearing a onesie, brown socks and white sneakers. Poor kid.

This is Trinity's early efforts at photography. She really likes pressing the button while mom tries to aim the camera. Teagan and I are the test patients. More to follow.

How did she capture me with that ridiculous of an expression?! She has the talent!

Okay, maybe she was just lucky, unless she was trying to be abstract or artsy with this shot.

Another of Trinity's early attempts. If she was trying to photograph Teagan and me, she missed.

Autumn has been feeling a little sick the last couple of days, but laying with Teagan on the floor will make anyone feel a little better. He's a good cuddler!


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