More Firsts!

You just have to love all the firsts when you have a child. First breathe, first cry, first smile, first poopy diaper...the list goes on and on. Well, we're the same here as most other places, we like to document the heck out of it and post it on the web. Poor kid, she doesn't stand a chance.

My mom was here for the week, it was really great to have her here. Not only did she help out around here, but she was able to get in some good grandma time too! She was able to give Trinity her first bath, which we captured on video:

Also, she rolled over for the first time! Maybe it was a fluke, but man this kid is on the move! I already can't keep up with her! Here is the video for the rollover:


  1. Ha ha ha! Welcome to the "Our Babies Are Ridiculously Awesome At Everything" club! Beth told me that you were telling Trinity that she needed to catch up with the boys, too funny. Well, that just kind of clinches it...our kids are going to be phenomenal in everything they do.


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