It's Been a While...

I guess it has been almost a week since I last posted. This is just a quick one to let both my readers know that I am still alive. Autumn and I just had our first meal alone in a couple of weeks, it was a very nice lunch together while my mom watched Trinity. I am only now starting to realize how much I enjoy time with my wife, since we have so little of it together. My mom is down for the week to help us out and to get some good grandma time in, so Autumn has a little freedom, which is nice for her. We'll have to figure out how to get more of that for her in the coming weeks. I miss my wife and I miss my daughter now that I am back at work. My time home was really good. Parenthood makes time go faster. Yikes!

Here is a picture of our little baby girl during some tummy time...good stuff! Also, I included a picture with Auntie Beth, since I heard that she was feeling left out. Cheers!


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