More Baby, More Bottles and More Sleep...Maybe (Sorry for the long post)

I am a lucky guy, my wife lets me sleep for about 6 hours! Considering how much sleep she is getting, I think that is pretty generous. I take the late shift, feeding at about 8pm and 11pm or so. Momma gets the rest of the night. I guess that's okay, since I am back at work now. We'll have to work it out again when Autumn goes back to work, which is approaching very fast. I'll miss seeing this at lunch:

That girl sure is growing like crazy. I wish that we had an appointment soon, so we could see how much weight she gained. At the last appointment she had gained about 21 ounces in 12 days. I think she's getting enough to eat! I have said all along that she eats and sleeps like me!

We are off to McCall, Idaho for Christmas. It should be a lot of fun, since we'll be spending it with my sister-in-law's family, which numbers about 40-50 for the weekend. We are staying at a church camp facility, which is kind of weird for a family event, but the setting couldn't be better. I have been there before for Fall Camp with Young Life. There is enough snow that I think we'll get some sledding in and maybe some snowshoeing. I don't think we'll be skiing this time, but McCall is a great place to spend time no matter what you do!

My Dad came down last weekend to get some grandpa time in, which is important for everyone. It has been great to have the support of so much family. I am so glad that my daughter will have a loving community around her. It takes a village you know...

I had a GREAT grandpa that I grew up with and learned from. He affects me still, even though he died two years ago. Above is my step dad, who will make a great grandpa. Which is lucky for Trinity because she will have THREE great grandpas. Here are the other two:


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