Of Bottles, Bellies and My Beautiful Girls!

We bottle fed for the first time tonight! It was very easy, Trinity took to it like a fish to water. She is a pretty serious over-achiever. But really it is good because I can take now the late evening feeding so that Autumn can get more than two hours' sleep in a row. It was a little bit empowering to be able to satisfy the baby in this way. Before I could only look helplessly on as Autumn took care of it. Now I can do it to!

So here she is in all her diapered glory! She lost her umbilical cord a couple of days ago, so we have been meaning to document this momentous occasion. What better time than when her belly is full to bursting? Check that tummy out! It is a little exagerated by the angle of the camera, but all for good effect! What a cutie!

Finally, tonight I bring you a picture of what babies and mommies all have in common: they want to sleep!


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