West of The mountains...

As I mentioned in the last post, Autumn and I and the two little monkeys went west this last week. I am typing this from the (relative) safety of my own home. I'll admit to being relieved to finally drop into the Baker Valley. I miss the mountains when I am not here. But this marks the first time that we as a family have taken a vacation that did not involve an obligation of some sort. I guess we ran the half-marathon on Sunday, but after that we had four days of doing only things that we wanted to. It was refreshing for all of us I think, something we need to do regularly.

If you have read a few posts on here, we are never short of photos. This trip was no exception, so it will trickle out as I have time and energy to post. There's LOTS of pictures to go through. Meanwhile, I will take you through a few for now...

We went to Portland on Thursday night, and then spent Friday knocking around a bit. Saturday I was at a work conference while Autumn went with her folks to the zoo. Our friends the Kelley Four were on hand for the festivities. Turns out the zoo was a hit with all the kids. I guess this sea lion kept dive bombing the glass, which the kids loved!

Teagan is now an expert at giving the cold shoulder and also of the word "no". This is Teagan giving the camera and grandma the cold shoulder. I hear it's just a phase...

Kids make running look fun! Adults don't. Trust me, I have seen photos of me running. I don't make it look fun at all.

Baby Emerson getting some daddy time. It's sort of funny that I call her baby Emerson and not just Emerson. Trinity calls her baby Emerson. Funny what we pick up from our kids!

Teagan jumping. Of course, his jumping is really more like stepping down, but it works!

Trinity giving random ladies a high five. She sure loves people!


Teagan helping clean baby Emerson. He sure loves that baby girl!

The best shot of the three kids. It's hard to get them all looking the same direction at once.

So this is a preview. After the run on Sunday in Portland, we headed out to Rockaway on the Oregon Coast. We rented a house on the beach with Autumn's parents. There was much rain, but we still had a great time!

The girl just loves to run!

But it's not all smiles...ha!

Stay tuned for more coastal updates!


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