See my furry caterpillar?

I think that for the most part, I post pictures and write about them because, ultimately, I want to remember certain moments in time. I want to translate our experiences as a family into memories. The problem is that most memories fade with time. Documentation is how we remember. Autumn and I have tried to use photo books to do this, and I really like them because I actually reread them and never really tire of it. This blog is another way to do that, although I don't go back and read it as much as I had hoped. But that's okay. i have found that this blog is a really good way to express myself and share my family with you all at the same time. AND it preserves moments of our lives together. Cool widget! Now, if I could only put it into a book form, or at least comic book form. Hmm...

Cookies. When he was finished he wanted more. No, that's not correct, he WANTED MORE NOW! There was an evil spirit in that boy for a short time.

I hope DHS isn't reading my blog or checking my Facebook account. What is this? This is art. This is creativity. This is what a desperate man does when he has three cranky kids and he needs to get out of the house. I should just install a seat belt up top. Trinity loves to ride there.

At some point Teagan and I went to get propane. While we were waiting we discovered a play structure. Teagan likes to play. Heck, I like to play. So we played.

He did a very nice job waiting for me to come around to catch him. It was a steep little slide, but he managed just fine. My outstretched arms were more for moral support than actually support.

I think that, given the beauty of a child's smile, we should all go down a slide at least once a week. We would all smile more, and that's never a bad thing!

Hmm, something is just a little out of place in this pictures...

I can't remember what day it was, but Autumn told me that Trinity called her over to see what she was drawing. She said that she drew a balloon. She usually draws shapes, etc, on command, but this was purely her idea, makes me very proud! Wait, I remember what day it was now...

See my furry caterpillar? It's full of dirt and grass seed, so we can give it haircuts all summer. How can that not be fun?


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