Running Commentary

I don't usually talk about my running on here much. Autumn has been a runner for years. I am a new runner. This weekend we did the same run, which really doesn't happen too much. We ran the Rock 'N' Roll Half-Marathon Portland on Sunday morning. We ran with a whole bunch of friends, which made the whole affair a bunch of fun! Our family was in Portland for the weekend and then we continued on to the coast for the rest of the week. Autumn's folks came with us for our first real vacation with the kids. Yes, there will be a very long update regarding that trip. Actually, I am blogging from the Oregon coast right now.

Left to right: Angela, me, Autumn, Teagan, Bo, Ava, Jen, Trinity, Kal and Chelsea. Oh yeah, Chelsea is holding Emerson. Yes, that is a baby under that space blanket!

The run went off well and it was great to see old friends. Kal and I ran 13.1 miles for the very first time, with everyone else notching another half-marathon on their belt. Temps were great, but the rain was a little chilly at the end.  My thoughts on running: it was tiring. There you go! More later...


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